Want to know how to triple your strength training results? Why don't you like? Strength training done properly can give you amazing results in loss of fat, along with muscle and strength gains. In addition, when you use the techniques I describe in the eBook fat burning, you will also receive benefits of first class in your cardiovascular health. All this with just 2-3 workouts a week that last only between 15-20 minutes on average. However, you must do them well, not as the average strength coach teaches these days. Go to any gym and you'll see that at least half, if not is that most, of those present, they will be doing their exercises in a way slightly less than optimal and I'm being polite. So now let's talk about the ways that you can use to triple your strength training results immediately. It has to do with the way how specifically do the repetitions.

For better understand this, look at 3 different levels of force present in any exercise of resistance. Take as an example the flexion exercise with dumbbells for biceps. In this movement, you start with weights hanging at your sides. Then you come to Flex soft and slowly the dumbbell up to your shoulders. This movement trains your level of positive force. Then you have to take a brief break and collapse the biceps in the high part of the movement. This trains your static force level.

Finally, you will need to lower cufflinks slowly to the starting position. This trains your level of negative force. Well, the problem is that most of the people even cares about the levels of static or negative force. They put all their attention on the part of the lifting or positive movement, without pause or collapse enough on the upper part, and almost do not devote enough time to the negative side. In effect, they are only reaping one-third of the benefits that this exercise can give them. In fact, is less than that, because the static and negative portions can create deeper improvements to your existing levels of force. This is something that you want, since it will cause a bigger progress faster, assuming that you give your body enough time to recover. Why we we worry so much force? In addition to the obvious reasons, the force causes that muscle grows, causing you to have a resting metabolism faster, which causes a more rapid fat loss and many other factors of health improved to which could devote a couple of pages at least. In the e-book and the fat burning furnace program of luxury took these concepts to the next level. Here we are using techniques to maximize your static and negative strength levels to push the limits of your slim and healthy genetic potential to the maximum. That's where the real fun begins. Therefore, make sure you do not forget static and negative strength levels when you place your next strength training. Do not waste the opportunity to triple your results!