Education In Values

Educating in values requires the application of a serious, constant and methodical effort of the whole society to achieve the individual training that meets the requirement of being useful, lasting and appreciated by people and the estates as necessary, helpful and worthy of being maintained in time. It is necessary to respond to an action planned from the State and in which the commitment of at least three key actors must be achieved: the family with its formative dedication since the early stages of childhood; the school with its methodology and didactic oriented to place emphasis on the development of its students as human beings and the same individual as primarily responsible for their own education. In what has so far failed the family? Family has failed in several essential aspects related to their sacred responsibility of being the first school and the first source of knowledge for those who grow up in their midst and they have it at his first masters, his early education and the first light that lights up the roads that have to travel throughout your life. As an educator the family will have to review his behavior and improve it. Here are some areas that should be done: 1. the members of the family, and especially parents, and in general the adults must understand that children learn by imitation and not only recorded the behaviors of the elderly but they try to act like them.

An honest person must have healthy behaviors but should worry even more about putting them into practice before minors so that they have a mirror in which look and, thus charting a course of action consistent with the moral and healthy habits. 2. The family must have a total coherence between the speech full of good advice and prohibitions and its practical behaviours in everyday life. There is no point in saying and doing. A lack of consistency in this plane will lead only to confusion that small will solve of simple and practical way to address what their parents do instead of putting into practice what parents say. 3 Is important re assume the responsibility that is It has before the society and God in the sense of being responsible for the upbringing, which is absolutely delegated. By circumstances of modern life both parents have come to the productive sector to offer their labour force and the work of accompaniment of children has been delegated to a family member or the same maid, who is that spends more time next to minors and which ultimately conveys their scale of values with the aggravating circumstance that has no- or have to have-, a pedagogical and methodological claims that allows you to become better citizens.