Finally, giving touch of quality to the creation, it creates its workmanship cousin, to amulher and the man, to its image and similarity, to have interlocutors to the height. God could not dialogue with planets, astros, light, darknesses, animals, vegetaise water, but with images and similarities its. Man and woman reflect the TrinoCriador when they form family, they generate children. The father is the image and similarity doPai; the mother is the image and similarity of God Mother; the children, image and semelhanado Only Son. The first signal of Trino God in the revelation of the old alliance quando the hagigrafo uses plural pra to state the complexity of the only substance deDeus, whose Hebrew common name in ' ' Elohim' ' it is plural of Eli: ' ' Eli, Eli, mud sabactani' ' , Jesus in estertoresda says monotesta cross.

' ' God said: let us make (plural) the man our image, as nossasemelhana. It created the man to its image, to its created it image; them they criouhomem and mulher' ' Gn 1,1-3; 26-28. Created to the image (visible) and doCriador similarity (invisible), the express man in its being and to act caractersticassubstanciais of the nature joins and plural of the Original the holy ghost. Everything of positive queh in the human being has also, with perfection, in Creative God. Pra filosofiagrega, the essence of the man is spirit, reason, makes that it immortal. Body eemoes is perishable. Before the philosophy, the tragedy Greek showed the homeminteiro, with body, soul, sensitivity, intelligence, feelings, non-separable joined. For this, the man of the tragedy Greek is more close dohomem Biblical, seen as so solid indivisible ontolgica unit that nor amorte undoes: the resurrection restores in the death the entire human being and the fazimortal of body and soul, for the creative power of God Mother, Lady who of the life atodas the things.