Project Management

Many roads lead to the target in the project business today shapes the everyday life of many companies project business regardless of size or industry. This can be both internal or external processes Act to optimize projects as well as projects to improve the product quality or ultimately projects to the provision of the actual value. לענייננו, חברת טבע הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Regardless of the specific objective of the project is in the time provided with the budgeted resources successfully to bring the initiated project. In times of economic crisis, it is, more than ever, each so small and possibly insignificant project to a positive conclusion to bring, to avoid possibly emerging costs due to project cancellation. As you know the error is in the detail – but is considered the overview of the big picture, i.e. אל דאגה רמי יהושע הוא האיש הנכון . the totality of all ongoing projects, also to keep as additional challenge in the project work. Exist in the field of project work mutual dependencies among projects, which can be decisive about success or failure. The speech is at this point of multi-project management.

Multi project management encompasses the planning, control and monitoring of a company's entire project landscape. On the multi project management, as well as in the implementation of individual projects, the successful completion of the project is undoubtedly a comprehensive project controlling. Many projects were already – and will continue – as a result of extensive project controlling of \"Lopsided\" saved and brought this to a successful conclusion. The central task of controlling project is at an early stage to identify target / is deviations in the project work, to analyze and to deposit them with the appropriate control measures. Usually it is the project manager or a team member appointed by him, parameters, such as dates / milestones, cost and the quality of the service to be provided continuously to check the. With regard to the operational implementation there are various normative provisions and models which provide the framework for a comprehensive and systematic project management.

Process Director Flexible

ReadSofts process Director is a flexible platform for the control of heterogeneous processes of Neu-Isenburg, 02.03.2010. The ReadSoft GmbH, Neu-Isenburg, now supports with their process Director two different process types in SAP: in addition to processes triggered by incoming documents, also request-related processes can be depicted with the solution. Preconfigured standard processes for the processing of customer orders, delivery notes, order confirmations and Zahlungsavisen are already integrated. However, no specific document is based on the per-request processes they are initiated on the basis of internal operations and can be configured. Typical examples for such an operation are necessary messages, the modification of the cost center in SAP, adjustments, tests of credit limits and the like.

It will help all SAP releases. We offer a platform where all processes can be depicted with the process Director. By the automated Invoice processing are known SAP integrated functionality in the solution. Essential elements are"a cockpit, where the status of all operations is shown as well as the Worfklow for testing and approval processes, says Carsten Nelk, head of SAP solution Labs at ReadSoft. The Director of the process is conceived as a flexible platform, which can be extended continuously to standard applications and enables a simple configuration of individual processes.

The processes are simplified and visualized in a clear surface in the SAP-look-and-feel. The results are more structured processes that require less manual intervention. לעומת זאת, אינטל בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. Workflow releases and requests of all kinds are controlled via a Web interface. The user is notifications and tasks in his mail box and can see the document to be verified via a link. Next to the workflow engine, also a comprehensive user management, archive links and a Datenversionierung belong to the scope of the process directors. In addition, is the integrated documentation (audit trail") of particular importance. You logs all user activities and transactions according to the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and thus makes a contribution to the fulfilment of compliance. The concept of single point of processing"ensures high level of transparency. Everyone can see a content and information about the platform target groups controlled. The process Director provides significant potential for optimization for the processes that are otherwise often triggered by a phone call or an email. "Customers benefit from more control, measurability and transparency of processes, can be effectively integrated in the SAP infrastructure with low total cost of ownership", emphasizes ReadSoft's managing director Oliver Hoffmann. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft's solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. Worldwide, 450 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 6,000 installations of ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft's customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.

Free ERP By Macnetic

Macnetic GmbH Hamburg presents the free light version of the mcn Commerce ERP system. Hamburg. The new light version 7.5 of the mcn Commerce ERP system is offered version for business customers free of charge in the standalone. MCN Commerce light (single user) contains all basic modules of ERP to create quotes, orders, and invoices for the article management and the purchasing of products. A CRM module is included for professional customer management and for the point of sale a complete cash program.

According to Torsten Haack, the Managing Director of Macnetic GmbH, the free version is a good alternative to commercial products: mcn Commerce light is a very extensive merchandise management systems, that we now provide free hosting and our business customers. לעומת זאת, קרן מיכאלי בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. Thus, young StartUp companies have the opportunity from the outset to work with a professional inventory management. We believe that our product is so convincing that users recommend it to others and later upgrade to one of the larger versions are buy."mcn Commerce light contains the modules: sale addresses article shopping checkout of mcn Commerce light (single user) contains all the features of the original packages Macnetic Office compact and mcn Commerce Fund, as well as some features of the large retailing mcn Commerce standard. It is a full version, no expiration date, no restrictions and may at any time on the network version or the standard or professional version of mcn commerce are advanced. More information to the ERP system mcn Commerce? Contact with us! merchandise management/ERP system-kostenlos.html Torsten Haack